Action Alert: Expand Hunting Rights in Montana

Senate Bill 111, a bill allowing disabled veterans and individuals to hunt with crossbows during the early fall archery season in Montana, has stalled in the House Human Services Committee. Therefore, we support bringing the bill directly to the House Floor for a vote.

Call or email your Representative and let them know you support the passage of SB 111.

Vermont Hunters: Act Now Before Bear Hunting Rights Are Destroyed

April 6, 2021

Four anti-hunting bills are being considered in the Vermont legislature that would severely restrict the practice of hunting bears with hounds in Vermont. If passed, these new rules around bear hunting with hounds – including keeping your dog in sight at all times and ensuring your dog does not ever cross into private property without previous written permission – would be nearly impossible for hunters to reasonably follow.

A hearing is scheduled tomorrow at 9 a.m. ET in the House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife. We must act NOW to protect our hunting rights. 

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This week, Hunter Nation, along with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, won our lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for ignoring a state law requirement to schedule a wolf hunt this winter.

A Jefferson County Circuit Court found that the Wisconsin DNR violated state law by refusing to schedule a winter 2021 gray wolf hunt when the gray wolf was delisted from the Endangered Species Act on January 4, 2021.

This is a historic victory for Wisconsin hunters and our constitutionally protected right to hunt and manage our wildlife here in Wisconsin!

The ruling finally provides clear direction to the Evers’ administration to move full speed ahead with our statutorily required wolf hunt. And it isn't just that it is required - our state's wolf population is out of control. According to the DNR's own reports, the wolf population is nearly four times the state goal and wolf attacks are up 70% since the state's last wolf hunt.

But the fight isn't over yet. The Evers’ administration must direct the Wisconsin DNR to hold a wolf hunt this month.

We can't sit around and wait to see if they will - we must DEMAND Governor Evers direct the DNR to move forward with a wolf hunt immediately.

Help protect our constitutional right to hunt by calling or emailing Governor Evers TODAY.


We need you to be a HUNTER NATION leader in your local area.

Our Hunting Heritage and Hunting Lifestyle is under attack! Hunter Nation is looking for passionate individuals who support our Traditional American Values to step forward and lead our efforts in your state and local area. We need a select group of dedicated volunteers who will be our eyes and ears in your area to keep us informed of local issues that will directly impact the American hunter.  Also, Hunter Nation will be hosting events and rallies in every state so these same leaders will need to help with the planning and execution of these special events.

Team Hunter Nation - Board, Advisors, Hunters

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation