Meet the Team

Hunter Nation is led by America's greatest Hunters and Patriots

Our Mission is to preserve and protect our nation’s hunting heritage and the traditions associated with hunting as a way of life. We are committed to unifying all hunters and creating a nationwide voice to defend our hunting rights. We support wildlife and habitat conservation, and we support ethical hunters in the legal pursuit of all game species of their choice.

Hunter Nation Board of Directors


Luke Hilgemann

CEO of Hunter Nation
Hunter Nation Board of Directors
Hilgemann is the newest member of the Hunter Nation board of directors. Hilgemann was formally the Chief Executive Officer of “Americans For Prosperity” (AFP). Under his watch AFP grew to 3.5 million active participants, with chapters in 36 states, becoming one of the leading voices for conservative values in America. Hilgemann is currently the Managing Partner of “The Champion Group” and brings a wealth of experience to Hunter Nation’s mission of protecting our Hunting Heritage and all Traditional American Values. On his appointment to the Hunter Nation board, Hilgemann said:
"I look forward to helping build Hunter Nation into the preeminent grassroots organization in the country fighting for God, Family, Country, and the Outdoors."

Keith Mark

Outdoor Host - Founder of Hunter Nation
Hunter Nation Board of Directors
Keith Mark is a family man that has a deep passion for the outdoors and the Founder of Hunter Nation. An attorney by trade, he hosted MacMillan River Adventures on Outdoor Channel for a decade.
Keith owns MRA Outfitters in the Yukon, and recently received an appointment in the US Department of the Interior. He is now the host of "Great American Tales", a television show that promotes Traditional American Values to air on Outdoor Channel this fall.

Jim Liberatore

CEO Outdoor Channel
Hunter Nation Board of Directors
Jim Liberatore is President and Chief Executive Officer of Outdoor Sportsman Group. He is responsible for the overall strategic, operational and creative vision for Outdoor Sportsman Group including Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network, 25 publications including Guns and Ammo and Peterson’s Hunting, 20 organization web sites and MOTV, OSG’s SVOD global app. Jim is also active in several projects to promote the amazing attributes of the outdoor lifestyle through untapped mainstream media platforms.

Kris Kobach

Former Kansas Secretary of State
Hunter Nation Board of Directors
Kris Kobach is an avid Hunter and a great husband and father. He a former Secretary of State of Kansas. Kris has degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale. He is also a Hunter Nation board member
and legal counsel.

Hunter Nation Advisory Board

Rock N' Roll Legends – Spirit of the Wild
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
Ted & Shemane Nugent are the spirit of Hunter Nation. Their passion for family, friends and wild game hunting along with a dedication to preserving America's great outdoor heritage for future generations is second to none.
Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell

Founder of Bone Collector
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
"Hunting is for everybody. If you're fat, skinny, gorgeous, not-so-gorgeous, rich, or poor you can enjoy hunting. Hunters all have the right and should promote hunting. God’s renewable resource is for everyone to enjoy."

Mark "OZ" Geist

American Hero
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
"Fellow Hunters: unfortunately, the wolf is at our door. United we can defend our hunting heritage!"

Craig Morgan

Country Music Star and Army Veteran
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
"I am all in for Hunter Nation! It's a great group of American Hunters that love and cherish God, family, country, hunting, and conservation."

Jim Shockey

Professional Hunter, Outfitter, TV Producer and Host
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
Host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and UNCHARTED on Outdoor Channel. Jim has been an award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, videographer, wilderness guide and outfitter for nearly 30 years.

Rob Keck - Legendary Conservationist

Director of conservation, Bass Pro Shops, and
chairman of the board, Wonders of Wildlife
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
If there is one person responsible for the incredible nationwide turkey restoration it would be Rob Keck. Rob continues to shocase his desire to support habitat work, forward-thinking legislation, and help citizens understand the vital role hunters play in the North American model of conservation.

Nic De Castro

Founder of LandTrust and Hunter Nation Advisory Board
Nic De Castro is an entrepreneur who's built technology companies in Silicon Valley & New York over the past decade. He’s now based in Bozeman, MT where he’s building LandTrust, a marketplace that enables sportsmen to book hunting trips on private lands across the US. Through LandTrust, Nic hopes to increase quality, private-land access for hunters and create a new, profitable revenue stream for rural landowners like farmers & ranchers to keep rural lands intact & in family hands

Hunter Nation Advisors


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Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo


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Vince Rosdahl Dall Sheep Hunting

Vince Rosdahl


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Dean Heller

"In Memoriam"

Jason was passionate about the formation and success of Hunter Nation

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